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U.S Elections;Trump calls for change in Presidential Debate dates.

Worwornyo Woyome

Aug. 06, 2020

United States President Donald Trump tweeting from his official twitter handle called for the Presidential debate dates moved up. Stating the debate is a public service owed to the American citizen by himself and his opponent, Former Vice President Joe Biden. The debates scheduled for September and October this year will see the two battle out their ideologies and policies. His tweet termed as an indication to ignite political firestorm comes after a series of calls from the President via twitter to postpone the November 2020 elections which were initially scheduled for June 2019 but postponed amidst the coronavirus pandemic outbreak the questioning its credibility and claiming some states are not set up for the electoral process after reports gathered online suggested some states had thousands of votes unaccounted for, messed up, also citing incidents of fraud. 
However various studies debunk such claims. In the history of the U.S elections, have elections not taken place making it impossible to postpone the polls. Nevertheless, if the elections were to be rescheduled, the President will end his term in January 2021 as stated in the constitution. US Federal Election Commission Chairperson, Ellen Weintraub expounded that the President could not move the election as it not only unnecessary but unconstitutional to move the election date and he had no authority to do so, stating that states needed more funding to operate safe and secure elections in November.
President Donald Trump who until it is announced Republic National Convention later in August in Milwaukee, Wisconsin is not officially the party's candidate for the elections. Trump is seeking a second term in office.
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