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New Music Friday: 8 albums to hear this week

Baba Agba

Sept. 18, 2020

With new records by A. G. Cook, Alicia Keys, Avalon Emerson, and more
It’s been just a few weeks since A. G. Cook released his debut album, 7G , but now the PC Music head honcho is back with his “ second debut album ”, Apple . Where 7G was a vast, erratic collection of ideas, split over seven discs and 49 tracks, Apple is more of a traditional artist album, refining his ideas down to 10 key songs. Still, this is A. G. Cook we’re talking about, so it’s hardly a conventional record by any stretch of the imagination. Singer-songwriter music rubs up against aggro-club bangers; a cover of Oneohtrix Point Never’s “Animals” sits next to strange vocal experiments – it’s weird, wild, and wonderful.
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