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Officers Steal From a Man Waiting To Deposit Money In a Bank


Feb. 14, 2019

A businessman in Nandi is accusing EACC officers of stealing money from him while he was waiting in a bank to deposit it.
Dominic Barchigei is said to have been approached by three men while queuing in the bank who frisked Ksh 449,000 from his pockets.
The officers accused him of handling "suspect property" and locked him up in Nandi Central Police Station in Kapsabet for a day.
“The three men who identified themselves as EACC officers accosted me as I lined up waiting to deposit my money. They led me to an office within the bank and searched all my pockets and took all my money totalling Ksh449,000,” noted Dominic.
He explained that he acquired the money from supplying timber to a yard in Kisumu County, adding that he received the payments in two installments of Ksh 100,000 and Ksh 350,000 before his arrest.
“I have written multiple statements to the DCI following my police report over the events surrounding my arrest and loss of my money. I have requested that the EACC take me to court or provide me with a list of complainants against me and my money,” he added.
He mentioned that he was summoned at the EACC Eldoret offices where officers attempted to coerce him into signing documents he was not aware of and to accept that they confiscated Ksh99,150 from him instead of Ksh449,000.
“They said I was lying (about the Sh449,000) and threatened to impose a fine of Ksh1 million on me,” noted Dominic.
According to Nandi County Criminal Investigation Officer Sammy Mukeku, Dominic’s claims are still under investigation as he has pleaded with the officers to take him to court to settle the issue. Dominic has also written to the DCI to investigate the matter further.
“The case under investigation is a counterclaim from Mr. Barchigei. I cannot, however, divulge more details because the matter is still under active investigation,” he commented.
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