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US guardians want DCI to produce child in court


April. 11, 2019

An American couple has filed an urgent petition for the police to produce in court a sickly child they seized last Friday evening.
Matt and Daisy Mazzoncini told the Star that they suspect a sinister motive in the purported ‘child rescue operation’ mounted by officers of the DCI on Friday evening.
Eleven men broke into their Westlands apartment on April 5 without any court order or search warrant and took away the boy, aged three years. The officers refused to give their names or identify themselves.
“They broke into our house, harassed us and forcibly took away our child. The men made a wall in front of us and then two women sneaked into our child’s bedroom and took him away with the women covering their faces,” Matt Mazzoncini said.
The Mazzoncinis became legal guardians of the child in 2017 after Daisy had been helping with medical care. The boy was found with his twin in a plastic bag in Kiambu outside a prayer centre. His brother died soon after.
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