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Inside Ruto & Tuju Battle To Control Jubilee Party


April. 13, 2019

Jubilee Secretary General Raphael Tuju is reportedly engaged in a tussle with Deputy President William Ruto over the control the party political machine ahead of the 2022 General Elections. The DP  has unsuccessfully fought to take control of the party from  Tuju, who is a close confidant of President Uhuru Kenyatta and his family.
According to some sources, Tuju, who is also a Cabinet minister without portfolio, has simply been executing Uhuru's directives, pointing to the widening rift between the President and his deputy. Earlier this week, signals of a tough war between the two emerged after Tuju issued a Jubilee statement on "setting the record straight" on ODM's withdrawal from the Wajir West poll. 
Tuju stated that the decision of ODM’s candidate  Mohamed Elmi to withdraw from the poll was as a result of “high-level consultations between Opposition Chief Raila Odinga and President Uhuru. Tuju then thanked the ODM leadership "for reportedly reading from the same script as his party even as he reiterated the President's State of the Nation address, where he stated that there was no going back on the Building Bridges Initiative.
However, according to Ruto’s allies, Tuju was simply sabotaging the DP, who is his boss in the Jubilee hierarchy by issuing contradictory statements. Wajir leaders led by Governor Mohamud Abdi protested against Tuju, stating the deal that led to the withdrawal of the ODM candidate was struck by Ruto himself. 
“We, as leaders from the region do not condone deceit and/or conmanship. The decision had nothing to do with the ODM party or any of its functionaries, as some would allege,” they stated. 
National Assembly Majority Whip and Mumias East MP Benjamin Washiali on Thursday also accused Tuju of issuing reckless statements with the potential of breaking up Jubilee. 
“We should stop this bragging and chest-thumping about who negotiated it. Whoever did that was doing so on behalf of the party and nobody should claim credit, “ he stated.
 “It was actually the DP who reached out to this candidate and the leaders of Wajir to broker the deal. Raila had nothing to do with the consultations. The consultations were at the DP level," the close DP ally added.
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