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Meru: Fake magician arrested while stage managing scene of couple stuck together in bed
Venessa Nyasio|April. 15, 2019
Police have arrested a fake magician after he pretended to have the ability to separate a couple stuck together during intercourse.
According to police reports, authorities were tipped off on the man’s mischievous plan thus setting a trap that helped them capture the alleged conman.
After carefully laying their trap, the police officers heard 24-year-old Chacha Mwiti and 31-year-old Joan Makokha screaming as they claimed they could not move.
The trio staged the whole incident at lodging in Meru County.
Magoola Twaha, the 27-year-old Ugandan man who posed as a witch doctor and his accomplices have been charged with obtaining money by false pretense.
Their case is still pending before court.
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