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Oscar Sudi Reveals Who Funds The 'Kieleweke Team' To Fight DP Ruto


April. 15, 2019

Kapseret MP Oscar Sudi has finally revealed the person behind all the woes Deputy President William Ruto is facing in his bid to succeed President Uhuru Kenyatta.
Speaking in Eldoret, Sudi said as a political party, they are united, firm and steadfast and that they will never allow intimidation to sway them away from the main agenda.
"Chama cha Jubilee kiko Imara. Ni vile tu kuna mtu fulani anapea pesa kikundi fulani cha viongozi ili kumhujumu naibu rais na hiyo ni kawaida ya siasa (The Jubilee Party is firm. It's just someone feels has a lot of money hence funding a political faction to fight the DP Ruto which is normal in politics)," he said.
Taking to his Facebook page, Sudi named Interior PS Karanja Kibicho as a state operative who funds the Kieleweke team led by Nyeri town Mp Ngunjiri Wa Mbungu, former Jubilee Party vice chair David Murathe and Maina Kamanda just because he has a lot of money to use.
"Kuna pia wafanyakazi wa serikali kama Katibu Karanja Kibicho, ambaye anacheza siasa ndani ya serikali, namwambia akome kwa tabia hyo na afanye kazi ile rais amempa kuhudumia wakenya. Hatung'atuki katika chama cha Jubilee Kamwe.
(There are government officials who play politics within the government like PS Kibicho. Am telling him to stop and focus on the work the President gave him, to serve Kenyans. We are not getting out of Jubilee.)," Sudi vowed.
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