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600 Kwale families oppose relocation for cane farming


May. 15, 2019

At least 10,000 residents of Kanana in Kwale will be relocated to pave way for cane farming by the Kwale International Sugar Company Limited.
The more than 600 families will be moved to Kidimu after the government said it  owns the over 6,000 acres.
However, residents have protested the move, saying they legally own the land, and they were issued with allotment letters during President Mwai Kibaki’s regime awaiting title deeds. They said they will not leave as they have lived in the area for many years.
“It’s the same government that gave us these letters during the campaign, and we have also confirmed with the Lands office that our title deeds are there, but we cannot pick them because the documents we have are fake,” resident Ginora Kinyasi said.
She questioned the decision by the government and how the land is under the sugar farm.
Kinyasi also said the government did not tell them why the documents they possess are "fake".
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