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Revealed: Why Raila Is Always Defeated In Presidential Elections


May. 15, 2019

Political analyst Gerald Bitok has expressed his opinion on why former Prime Minister and NASA Principal Raila Odinga has failed to clinch the presidency despite making several attempts and enjoying massive support in the country.
According to Mr Bitok, power in Kenya is given and that is why Raila, has not been president even after being close to the presidency. 
“Power in Kenya is not taken, it is given. If being president was about political aggressiveness, arrogance and fame, Raila would have been president before the 90s and even closer home 2007. Raila for decades has enjoyed a near fanatical political following from people who have on several occasions laid their lives for his cause....but they have never made him president. Because Raila like my brother is not a good student of power play,” said Bitok in a Facebook post on Thursday.
Bitok argued that the opposition chief will never head the country until he 'understands the principle of scheming by loyalty and trust'. 
"Until you understand the fact that power and capital have its custodians, its owners. This is the principle Moi understood and that's how he inherited power and ran this country for 24 years...and that is the class my brother skipped in Moi's school of professional politics," he added.
Raila lost to President Uhuru Kenyatta in both the 2013 and 2017 general elections.
He has since found himself at the centre of the 2022 succession debate and is expected to battle it out with Deputy President William Ruto who is on a mission to succeed President Kenyatta after his second term comes to an end. 
However, Raila has not publicly declared whether he will be a presidential candidate in 2022. 
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