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Three musketeers need our help


May. 15, 2019

The Public Servant of the Year accolade, if it exists, goes to the top crime-buster. The man is paid for this, but all civil servants are on the payroll, even without much to show for their keep.
But a few zealous people at the top of an atrophied system are unlikely to make an impact overnight. Such passionate people need officers who share their passion. They also need public rage and goodwill.
The zealous also need a unified system that delivers as much as it promises. Drop politics and let this man work because he can. The Director of Criminal Investigations George Maingi Kinoti has set the tempo for the agency.
The intervention in the lawyer Assa Nyakundi saga illustrates Kinoti's concern that, 'protected' suspects can get away with serious crimes. Last month, he ordered a fresh investigation into the shooting of the lawyer's son. The lawyer is the suspect.
Compromised investigations into crimes such as murder, rape, economic genocide and robbery are responsible for moral atrophy. Anarchy passes for hustling.
Investigators still fumble in spite of the public rage against corruption. They don't produce weak cases for free. Corruption is theft by economic genociders, who grease gullible hands.
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