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Why Uhuru's legacy is already secure


May. 16, 2019

Looking back on the historic transfer of power from the outgoing President Daniel arap Moi, to the newly elected President Mwai Kibaki, back in December 2002, it is undeniable that Moi was very shabbily treated by the partisan crowd gathered for the ceremony.
Here, after all, was that rarest of political creatures – an African president who was willing to hand over power to an unreconciled political rival.
For his willingness to put country above self (and there can be no doubt that Moi would have been happy to rule for another decade or so) Moi faced a barrage of screams and chants at this event, all very unflattering of his 24-year rule.
The icing on that cake was when clumps of mud were flung in his general direction by the hysterical crowd at the end of the ceremony.
But look at him now.
Barely a week passes, but one delegation or another turns up at Moi’s Kabarak home to extend their good wishes, and to have their visit immortalised on TV. The more recent visits have largely been about the paying of condolences over the tragically premature death of his eldest son Jonathan. But even before that, there was no shortage of politicians eager to make the pilgrimage.
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