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Things That Define The Difference Between A Man And A Boy


Jun. 10, 2019

1. A man does not live with his parents (for an extended time).
2. A man has his finances in order.
3. A man does not let his ass hang out of his pants.
4. A man's language does not revolve around slang — if he swears in every sentence, proceed somewhere else.
5. A man doesn't refer to sex as "f*cking."
6. A man has a stable job and does not get fired constantly or live on unemployment payments.
7. A man takes you out and understands that him paying is a discussion, not an expectation.
8. A man defends you.
9. When around friends, a man still acts as he would with just you and treats you with respect.
10. A man does not check out other women in front of you.
11. A man surprises you and helps you when you need it.
12. A man hates when you cry and does what he can to ensure that it never happens. If he truly cares, his heart will be just as sad to see you in distress.
13. A man will willingly watch chick flicks with you at times.
14. A man is constantly trying to better himself via education and work. He enjoys sharing his knowledge with you.
15. Men prefer to give than receive.
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