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CS Kiunjuri, Noah Wekesa clash over maize imports


July. 12, 2019

Agriculture Cabinet Secretary Mwangi Kiunjuri yesterday warned the Strategic Food Reserve board chairman Noah Wekesa against making statements on planned maize imports.
Kiunjuri said that only the ministry is mandated to comment on maize imports.
He said Wekesa's claims on Thursday that the country needed to import only two million bags of maize were reckless and amounted to insubordination.
The CS had on Wednesday said the country would import 19 million bags to plug its deficit.
He accused Wekesa of feeding the press with information contradictory to the ministry which is the only custodian of the food situation in the country.
“Any other body that would like to issue a statement on maize imports cannot do that because the ministry has the final say. Any other organisation has to get information from the ministry,” Kiunjuri said
Kiunjuri chided Wekesa for his actions.
“He has no courtesy for the PS and the CS and has shown no respect for the last two weeks. Nobody has the authority on the food situation in the country except the ministry,” he said.
The CS wondered whether there was somebody behind the SFR chair.
“I do not know where he is mustering the courage to attack the ministry. Wekesa can only talk after getting the right information form the ministry. If he wants to play politics, so can we,” Kiunjuri said.
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