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Uhuru order to stop secret Mt Kenya meetings good call

Frashia Wangari

July. 12, 2019

It comes as a great relief that President Uhuru Kenyatta has ordered for a halt to the secret meetings of state officers to purportedly discuss development in Mt Kenya.
When state officers sit in a tribal gathering to start scheming how the public resources at their disposal should be dished to their birthplaces, then the country heads straight into a lion’s den.
It epitomises the height of arrogance, tribalism and impunity. It is the MPs and other people’s representatives that should caucus to prioritise development plans and agenda then take to the executive to implement but not vice versa.
The secret meetings by state officers could, therefore, be viewed as suspicious given that no prior agenda is circulated.
No wonder the DP thinks its a plot against him.
Economic and political analyst
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