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4 Common Misconceptions About Sex On The First Date


Aug. 14, 2019

Having sex on the first date definitely comes with a lot of consequences.
Though relative, many have developed myths and misconception that will make real their thoughts on the outcome of having coitus on the first date.
Though there is no scientific research that has verified such misconceptions, there are lots of beliefs that don’t need rocket science to disapprove or approve.
Below is an analysis of some beliefs:
Sex on the first date is unacceptable?
Your sexual orientation is definitely your choice. What matters to you should be driven by conscience. There is no better time to have sex. All this depends on your personality and your partner because people are different.
Sex on the first date harm chances of relationship developing
It depends on the partner’s degree of honesty and transparency. An honest partner will not be affected by the time of having sex because his relationship goals will remain the same.
On the other hand, a dishonest partner will definitely pull a shocker after a sexual act. Therefore knowing your partner well is key to the successful growth of a relationship.
Sex on the first date destroy the mystique and anticipation of dating
This is purely a myth since dating is so much more than just sex. Sexual act enhances love, passion, desire, connection, pleasure hence having it may increase chances of growing the relationship.
Women appear inferior upon having sex on the first date
To some extent yes because of the nature of society. But on another hand, a well-informed society that has relevant education on sexual orientation will have problem with this stereotype since it is not only a woman at fault but also the man.
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