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State Of Sonko's Government 2 Years Later Without A Deputy Governor


Sept. 08, 2019

Time truly flies. Would believe it's already two years since the previous general elections held in August of 2017? Wow. So turns out that two years on, governor of Nairobi county Mike Sonko has not yet been able to identify a suitable deputy governor to replace Polycarp Igathe who since resigned shortly after the general election as the deputy governor Nairobi to pursue other interests, (or as it after an ugly fall-out with Sonko?).
I don't know how that sounds to you, but it's all levels of weird from where I am standing. How is it possible that two years later, there is no one best suitable for the job?
Brings us to the main question. How important is the deputy governor's seat to be honest? Do you even know your county's deputy governor? Do you know the roles that these people are supposed to play? Do they even work or are they there just to seen?
All these questions are really important because a large percentage of Kenyans cannot answer any of them. 
Now, Nairobi county has been up and running for all these months and years, without a deputy governor, but how has the situation been like all through this time?
Sonko had once, sometime back, promised to name a person who would replace Polycrap, but failed to do so. Just yesterday, he had promised again to reveal the person, but guess what, he lied, again!
You know, I don't think anyone can actually clearly explain all the roles and duties of deputy governors in Kenya, because even a look into the constitution, the roles aren't very clear! It's both an easy and difficult job being a deputy givernor, actually!
Dr Ken Omalla, a Kisumu-based political scientist, was once quoted saying, “When the deputy governors are pro-active, they get accused of trying to overshadow their bosses.  When they sit back, waiting for errands, they are accused of sabotage. This is how serious it is.”  
Some people have it that all the misfortunes, drama, and everything else that looks and sounds slightly off are all due to the lack of a deputy governor, but really, would the situation be any different if there was one? Maybe, maybe not. 
Bottom line is, politics in Kenya, governance in this country, has a long way to go before we can comfortably say, yes, this is it!
~Scooper original
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