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Explained: Why Kibra Politics Is A Reflection Of 2022 General Elections


Sept. 11, 2019

There are topics that we just cant avoid, no matter how much you'd want to. We have talked about not discussing 2022 general elections, but it's really inevitable, especially now, with everything going on in Kibra. 
The Kibra by-election have brought so many to light, and more so, have reminded us of things that we chose to ignore and focus on the important issues in the country, like development, building the Kenya and more. 
Some of the latest developments in the Kibra by-election are, one, football star McDonald Mariga has been locked out of the election, with claims that he is not a registered voter. Wow, just wow! Moving on, now, rapper Prezzo, is also to vie for the seat, on a Wiper ticket. Some unconfirmed reports have it that rapper Octopizzo will also be in the race to replace the late Ken Okoth who left the seat vacant following his death last month after he lost battle to cancer. 
A few days ago, DJ, Kris Darlin was trending after his desperate move to get into office as Kibra member of parliament on an ODM ticket.
What has politics in Kenya graduated into? It was all fun and games, until now, when all we continue to witness is jokes, petty politics and lack of seriousness in this game. It's almost as if, anyone can now vie for any seat, despite their backgrounds and interests. 
This is definitely something that should stop. Politicians in Kenya need to slow down. 
But for sure, one thing that has come to light is that, all the moves been made right now in the Kibra by-elections are all in preparations for the 2022 general elections. All these artists and sportsmen being used should truly be careful, because as they say, politics, in Kenya especially, is a dirty game!
~Scooper original
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