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Emerging Social Almajiris In Yorubaland? - Politics (2) - Nairaland


Sept. 20, 2019

Pretty sad
No reason for an able-bodied person to be begging, even in Nigeria.
Are you serious ? Will you yourself not beg  If you are able-bodied , unemployed, hungry and flat broke in a nation without any type of social security or welfare provision? This is part of the problem I have with Nigeria. Many of us who can make a difference are too out of touch with reality to note what must be done . It is totally arrogant to fail to understand that poor folks in Nigeria have no recourse to any form of help or assistance.
My man , wether you know it or not , you sound like an ethnic supremacist. Why would Yoruba people not beg if leadership ineptitude has condemned many folks to the type of poverty that erodes self-pride? We are no different to anyone else. If misruled we will beg also because hunger and pride are not good bedfellows . Better to fight to get rid of misrulers like Alao Akala and Daniel than for us to waste time thinking ourselves too superior to beg .
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