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Marvel Fans Spend National Cheeseburger Day Mourning the Loss of Iron Man


Sept. 20, 2019

On Wednesday, America celebrated one of the country's favorite fast foods with National Cheeseburger day. Thousands of Americans the world over took to Twitter to declare their love for the cheeseburger. But for a section of the fans of this particular type of food who are also Marvel fans, the Cheeseburger is a bittersweet reminder of the fallen Avenger Iron Man AKA Tony Stark, who died in Avengers: Endgame .
Back in 2008 when the MCU was still just a glimmer in Kevin Feige's eye, the first Iron Man movie came out. In it, after having just barely managing to escape his imprisonment in the caves by the terrorists, Tony returns home and remarks that a cheeseburger is one of the two things he wanted to get his hands on the most. Tony is then seen munching thankfully on a burger while addressing a crowd of reporters about shutting down the weapons division in his company.
We get a callback to this moment in Avengers: Endgame when Tony's daughter Morgan tells Happy Hogan that she wants a cheeseburger after her father's funeral. Clearly, a fondness for cheeseburgers was passed on by Tony to his daughter, and it made the memory of Iron Man's love for the delicacy all the more poignant for his fans on National Cheeseburger Day.
As happens with any other topic these days, the connection between Tony and Cheeseburgers was brought to light on Twitter via a series of posts. Like the one which echoed the scene from the original Iron Man :
And the one which refuses to see National Cheeseburger day as anything other than Tony Stark day:
Kendall J Co-Worker: "Its did you know its National Cheeseburger day?" My Cousin: "Oh, you mean National Tony Stark day?"
The one which gives Tony way more credit for cheeseburgers than he deserves:
And finally, probably the most heartbreaking scene involving cheeseburgers ever filmed:
Nick #NationalCheeseburgerDay How can we have a happy Cheeseburger Day when TONY STARK IS DEAD?!
It is no wonder that anything even tangentially related to Tony Stark is cause for internet celebration/mourning this year. The weapons manufacturer-turned-superhero was in many ways the main lead of the most successful blockbuster in history this year. And it was also his final appearance in the MCU, going out in a way that was both emotionally satisfying in terms of a final, heroic sacrifice and incredibly cool, with Tony in his final moments wielding the most powerful artifact in existence, the infinity gauntlet, and using it to defeat the Mad Titan Thanos.
While it is unlikely that the unofficial day for Cheeseburgers will have its name permanently changed to that of a fictional character like Marvel fans clearly want, it is also inevitable that the day will forever be associated with Iron Man in the minds and hearts of many. And that is a testament to the work put into the character by Kevin Fiege, various Marvel writers and directors and Robert Downey Jr. himself, to make Tony arguably the most popular live-action superhero of the past two decades. This was originally brought to our attention over at ComicBook.com.
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