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Shock As Khalwale Lambasts Uhuru Over Fake Census Report-This Man Is A Real Bull Fighter!!


Nov. 06, 2019

Former Kakamega Senator, Dr Boni Khalwale, has poured cold water on the just-released census report saying it was not factual.
In the message posted on social media, the former lawmaker urged the president to disregard the 2019 census results as they were not entirely factual.
Using Ikolomani as an example, Khalwale pointed out that it made no sense for the constituency to record a reduced population in 10 years, without any significant calamity.
Reading malice into the findings, he further claimed that a section of leaders cooked the results in order to deny some regions a sizeable share from the national cake.
"Mr President, sir, the population of Ikolomani is reportedly now 111,743 down from the 143,153 in 2009.
"There was no epidemic in Ikolomani! These fake census results are meant to deny some regions and communities the national shareable revenue. Stop it!" stated Khalwale.
 He concluded that he will not accept data that does not meet national and international standards.
"For the population of an area to drop, only three scientific things happened. Either there was war in the region, an epidemic or a mass transfer of people. None of it has happened in Ikolomani.
"For population to drop, it can only mean there was deliberate manipulation of data," Khalwale said.
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