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Rosa Ree makes public apology following public outcry on her raunchy ¨Vitamin U¨ video


Nov. 08, 2019

Tanzanian female rapper, Rosa Ree has been compelled to apologize for her raunchy ¨Vitamin U¨ video with her Kenyan sweetheart, Timmy T Dat.
The public´s outcry demanded a public apology from the lass, with some referring to her as a disgrace to women.
Ree made her apology to her motherland, to fans and to East Africa at large for the explicit content.
Unfortunately, the badass female rapper claims she is not well acquainted with the government regulations on such films.
Additionally claiming she was not aware she featured in T Dat´s video.
Alikiri kwamba ni kosa amefanya, lakini alisema kwamba hakujua kwamba ni kosa ama alipaswa kutuma video kwanza.
However, it is after the summon from the Tanzania Films Board, that she realized the scope of her actions.
Tuesday afternoon, the 5th of November, she made a public apology after the meeting.
Through an Instagram clip, Ree expresses:
My name is Rose Ree, I am a Tanzanian musician, I would like to say sorry to everyone who was offended by the video that has been doing rounds on social media. Today, I had a meeting with Tanzania Films Board and they have enlightened me on a number of things that I did not know. I have learnt about their regulations. From today onwards I will be forwarding my scripts to them and we will work together in harmony.
The two have definitely had a fair share of a run for their time and resources from fans.
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