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WAWU! Award-Winning Teacher 'Gave Boy Oral S*x Twice In Classroom'


Nov. 29, 2019

Photo Credit: Metro
An award-winning science teacher twice performed oral s*x on a boy in a classroom, police say. Randi Chaverria, 36, reportedly abused her position for s*x with the youngster in a classroom in Round Rock High School, Texas, last month.
School bosses discovered the alleged encounters on November 18, with Chaverria then ‘electing to take leave,’ before an investigation was carried out. 
Police have not said what age Chaverria’s alleged victim is. But she has been charged with having an improper relationship with a student rather than a child s*x abuse offence.
That suggests that the boy is likely to be older than 17 – the age of consent in Texas. After police became involved, the student told officers what he says happened. Detectives were able to uncover text messages between him and Chaverria which appeared to confirm the allegations. 
Photo Credit: Metro
In 2018, Chaverria was named the Round Rock Independent School District 2019 Secondary Teacher of the Year. 
A Facebook post shared by the ISD at the time said: ‘Congratulations to Randi Chaverria, Round Rock High School Family Science Teacher, for being named the 2019 Secondary Teacher of the Year! 
Chaverria credits her family’s belief in education as her reason for developing a passion for teaching. 
Chaverria is now free from jail on bond, and has been dismissed from her job, KVUE reported. Round Rock ISD sent out a letter to parents saying that they had also reported Chaverria to the State Board for Educator Certification, meaning she could lose her teaching license.
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