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FEATURE: What If Popular Footballers Were American Rappers?

Akwesi Mishael

Dec. 02, 2019

In this day and age, footballers get the same recognition and star treatment like the famous musicians we love listening to.
Are there any similarities between American rappers and the footballers we love to watch on the weekends? Let’s compare some of the most popular rappers on the planet to some of the world’s best footballers:
#1 Lionel Messi – Eminem
When it comes to pure, natural talent, no other rapper on planet Earth comes close to Eminem. This is similar to Lionel Messi. Even though people put him on par with others, if it came down to a pure talent show, Messi would win against everyone else. Thankfully, these two have the accolades and longevity to cement themselves as the G.O.A.T. in their respective fields. Funny enough, they are both lefties.
#2 Cristiano Ronaldo – Jay-Z
In terms of pure talent, Jay-Z isn’t the most exceptional rapper but like Cristiano Ronaldo, he knows it takes far more than talent to be a legend. Ronaldo keeps scoring goal after goal, winning trophy after trophy, making sure people recognize his greatness and this is similar to Jay-Z who kept dropping hit album after hit album for like a decade continuously. They are also both smart businessmen who know how to market their brand for off-field financial benefits.
#3 Neymar – Kanye West
Kanye West is a bit of an odd-ball who always finds a way to surprise people. Neymar has a similar knack for keeping people on their toes with his antics. The Brazilian always seems to be in the news for something weird, be it his curious annual injuries around his sister’s birthday or his diving. Aside from these antics, they are both incredibly talented in their respective fields.
#4 Eden Hazard – Kendrick Lamar
If you saw Kendrick Lamar walking on the street, you would probably not realize that he is a 12-time Grammy-winning artist and one of the greatest rappers on the planet. This understated demeanour matches perfectly with former Chelsea and Real Madrid superstar Eden Hazard. For someone as simple and down-to-earth as the Belgian superstar, you would be shocked if you saw his accolades list. These are two men who let their art do the talking, be it in front of a mic or on the football field.
#5 Antoine Griezmann – Drake
If you were looking at pure footballing ability, Antoine Griezmann would probably struggle to get into the top 20 footballers in the world. Drake is in a similar boat, being much less skilled than his compatriots. Griezmann and Drake are two extremely blessed individuals who know how to work a crowd. Drake is an incessant hitmaker and Griezmann simply scores goals for fun and wows crowds with his insane celebrations. The greatness of these two simply cannot be denied.
#6 Robert Lewandowski – J. Cole
If someone told you that Robert Lewandowski has scored 27 goals in 20 matches this season already, would you believe it? Unfortunately, just like J. Cole, these two men seem allergic to major recognition of any kind. J. Cole is by far one of the most skilled rappers on the planet yet he has less Grammy nominations than Cardi B. It is sad how underappreciated these two men are.
Do you agree with this list? Would you make any changes or additions? Let us know what you think down in the comments section. We’d love to hear your thoughts on this interesting experiment.
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