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STRANGE! Boy, 6, Born With 'Tail' Worshipped As A Monkey God


Dec. 09, 2019

A six-year-old boy born with a 'tail' is being worshipped as a monkey god, but his parents have been forced to hide him away due to the attention.
Shivam Kumar's neighbours believe he is a divine being due to the unusual growth of hairs on his back, so they shower him with chocolates and snacks.
They flocked to see him as word spread after he was born in Delhi, India, and some came with flowers believing he was a reincarnation of Hanuman, a powerful monkey deity for Hindus.
The growth shocked doctors and Shivam's parents, including his mother Reena, 30, refuse to shave it off because "it would bring a bad omen for our family".
The incessant visits took place for almost a full year before the family's local guru asked them to stop letting people carry on with worshipping him as a God.
The guru said it would have untold effects on his psyche in later life.
Since then, the boy has been living his life normally, but continues to be pampered by his neighbours.
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