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14 Years Of Friendship RUINED As Woman Caught Her Bestie Stealing From Her


Dec. 11, 2019

A 14-year-old friendship has been ruined after a struggling single mother caught her best friend stealing money from her purse in her own home after she set up a secret camera in the kitchen.
27-year-old Samantha Wood of Hedon, Hull, said she was left heartbroken and brought to tears after her friend Melissa Collier, 28, was seen reaching for her purse to steal money from her. 
According to Ms. Wood, she set up the camera after she noticed money from her savings jar and her nine-year-old son's piggy bank had gone missing.
Ms. Wood said: 'That day she acted like nothing had happened. She told me she had made me a cup of tea, like she had done me a favour, but she had just stolen from me.
'I cried when I watched the footage, it was heartbreaking. This was my best friend who I was helping and she was stealing from me, it was such a difficult process.
'I'm a single mum and she knew I was struggling myself. She was my best friend, I confided in her in everything and then she was stealing from me.
Ms. Wood reported the incident to Humberside Police and her friend has since been arrested. 
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