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"We Didn't Fire One Missile, WE FIRED TWO" As Video Shows TWO MISSILES Downed The Plane


Jan. 15, 2020

NEWS UPDATE: A new video has surfaced showing the moment TWO missiles took down the Ukraine Passenger Jet over Iran's capital, Tehran, LEAVING NOBODY SURVIVED.  (citing New York Times)
The security camera footage verified by The New York Times shows that Iran fired TWO missiles, neither of which brought down the plane immediately.
At around 1:43 in the footage, the aircraft is seen flying for several minutes, on fire, before crashing to the ground and exploding. 
NYT also mentioned that they believed the new footage was filmed by a camera on the roof of a building near a village , located few miles away from an Iranian military site.
Meanwhile, domestic tension soars across the country as the authorities has previously denied western reports claiming Iranian forces shooting down the plane. 
Also, unauthorized sources suggested that angry Iranian protestors stormed alleged their supreme leader's office in Tehran. Up to now, we cannot independently verify the footage.
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