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REVEALED: Details of Papa Denis’s Death Cause Surfaces, Police Says He Could Have Committed Suicide as He Was Depressed


Feb. 08, 2020

Police latest statement has indicated that Kenyan gospel singer Dennis Mwangi popular known as Papa Dennis could have killed himself after jumping from a storey building as he was suffering from depression.
It was reported that Papa Denis was in a studio session at Nairobi Records, owned by producer Mash Mjukuu when he stormed out of the room and rushed to the 7th floor of the Pangani building from where he fell down and died on the spot.
Part of the police’s statement on Papa Denis’s matter reads, “Dennis Mwangi alias Papa Dennis fell from Kirima building a storey in Pangani area of Ngara at around 2330hrs.”
According to the police statement, the singer’s cause of death could be suicidal due to depression.
The singer’s brother Simon Mwangi at 1:30 am made a report after which the singer’s body was moved to city mortuary as police launched investigations on the matter.
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