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Etiquette of learning the Qur'an (Holy book)

Nana Yaa Odifie

Feb. 13, 2020

According to the authentic hadith tradition of the prophet Muhammad PBUH who state the clearly that the best among you is he who learn the glorious Qur'an and teaches to other but it doesn't end there.
In another authentic hadith he mentioned that who ever learn the Qur'an but did not learn the meaning of the Qur'an as migrated from the Qur'an,he also so said again who ever learn the Qur'an learn the meaning of the Qur'an and didn't act upon the meaning of the Qur'an as migrated from the Qur'an.
So this Hadith is pointing directly to the entire Muslims all over the globe that learning of the Qur'an is very very vital and mandatory.
Haven't said that we should also look at another interesting Hadith that show that to seek for a sound knowledge of Islam.
According to the prophet Muhammad PBUH said seeking for knowkedge of the Deen is computer upon every Muslim men and Muslim women,so in this case we have no excuse that shows that we can't seek for knowledge.
Processes of seeking for knowledge
One the process of seeking for knowledge is for you to follow the right channel in seeking for knowledge.
Secondly avoid seeking for knowledge on internet because you don't know who you learning from is from.
Thirdly be sincere to your self with seriousness
Above all always ask Allah the most high to guide you to the right parts.
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