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Lister Shares New EV Hypercar Design Based On The Storm


Feb. 13, 2020

Lister might be launching its own electric hypercar ... and soon. On Sunday, the British sports car manufacturer tweeted a photo of an unknown vehicle with the caption, “A Storm is coming…” Underneath the image it read “Lister EV super car research.” While there still is no official word on the vehicle it seems only logical that this is the first mention of what is to come.
The Base
Road & Track
“A Storm is coming…” is no thoughtless marketing statement. Instead, it is actually a reverence to the V12-engined Lister Storm that was around in the early 90s. That nineties GT had, at the time, the largest V12 engine available in a road car since 1945. While the vehicle wasn’t massively successful as a racer, it’s blocky build had design enthusiasts salivating.
What Has Lister Been Up To?
Top Gear
The current owners of Lister, Andrew and Lawrence Whittaker, bought the company in 2013 with plans to build new models of the famed British automobile. Since then, however, the company has built a few new Lister Knobblys, but has mostly been tuning Jaguar F-Types, and more recently it has been doing F- and I-Pacers too.
Back in 2014, Whittaker told Top Gear that it would be building a multi-million dollar V-12 hypercar to compete with Pagani and Koenigsegg, but nothing ever actually came of it, until possibly now?
What We Know
Auto Express
Other than the render shared on the company’s Twitter feed, details about the forthcoming model remains scarce. The image appears to show a car that is track-focused and wildly aerodynamic. A huge rear splitter suggests there will be extensive body work to push through air as efficiently as possible.
This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a picture similar to this, as Lawrence Whittaker tweeted a photo eerily similar to the one from this weekend back in February 2018 and called the vehicle the Storm II.
Sources: Top Gear , Auto Express
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