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MIRACLE!! Blind Man Regains Eyesight After Being Hit By A Car

Emmanuel Ayamga

Feb. 18, 2020

A blind man from Poland has narrated how he regained his eyesight after he was hit by a running vehicle.
Janusz Goraj was hit by the car while he was trying to cross a street in the city of Gorzow Wielkopolski.
His left eye was completely blind while his right eye could only discern shadows.
To this end, Goraj had been living in total darkness over the last 20 years before he encountered his miracle.
Having been hit by a car, he hit head on the car’s hood as well as on the asphalt while falling.
He was subsequently hospitalised and underwent surgery after suffering injury to his hip.
Surprisingly, this turned out to be his healing, as Goraj began to see clearer after waking up from his sick bed.
A spokesperson for the Independent Public Provincial Hospital, Agnieszka Wisniewska, is quoted as saying: “His eyesight did improve
within two weeks. We don’t quite know what caused it, maybe the mix of drugs he was getting during that time.”
Goraj himself added: “As I lay on the hospital bed, the joy that I could see well again was amazing.
“The doctors were surprised by my improved vision but couldn’t explain it. When I left the hospital, I saw people on the street, I could see car registration numbers or just read the text on my phone. My life changed!”
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