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Peter Kenneth To Uhuru: It Is Easier To Restart Economy With Healthy People

Billy KE

March. 24, 2020

Former presidential candidate Peter Kenneth has urged President Uhuru Kenyatta to consider locking down the country for a period of up to four weeks to prevent further spread of coronavirus. 
Kenneth said letting the country to operate as normal only exposed many people to the killer virus that has a long incubation period, hard to detect but yet very contagious. 
Kenneth said it was easier to restart an economy from shutdown if a country has healthy people. Photo: Peter Kenneth. 
While authorities were doing their part to keep the virus at bay, the former Gatanga MP lamented that some citizens were blatantly defying measures aimed at preserving their lives. If the trend continued, Kenneth said the situation will spiral out of control and land the country in a hard place - similar to the one Italy has found itself. 
"We can only address this disease by total suppression. If we do not suppress it by confining each person to households, we will not be able to fight this virus. People should be confined to households, isolation and to quarantine. We can no longer withhold when we see what is happening in Europe where the cycle is ahead of us,” he said. 
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