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Chris Brown Recognises Kenyan Matatu With Nice Artwork Of Himself

Annemary KE

March. 25, 2020

US singer Chris Brown has given a shout out to painters doing an amazing  with impressive graffiti on Kenyan matatus. 
The singer came across one matatu that was given a nice artwork  himself and decided to recognise the people doing the amazing work. 
Sharing the photo on his page, the singer described the work as awesome by adding a fire emoji. 
The huge recognition was acknowledged by the Matwana Culture crew and they responded by thanking the artiste on their Instagram page.
The matatu appeared to still be in the work and will soon be in the streets. 
Kenyans have expressed their expressed their gratitude as this is the third time this year that A-list artistes have recognised work done by Kenyan minds. 
Just recently Cardi B highlighted a dance group from Lit 98 Dance academy, who made a dance video to her famous remix song corona that touched on the global pandemic.
Justine Beiber also shared a video expressing how he was impressed and moved by the young talents.
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