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Experts Warn Of A Tsunami After An Earthquake Occurs In Russia

James KE

March. 25, 2020

US authorities have warned of a tsunami following a huge 7.5 magnitude earthquake which occurred off Russia's Kuril Islands.
The Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre has warned of hazardous tsunami waves within 620 miles of the quake's epicentre.
The US Geological Survey said the quake struck 135 miles southeast of Severo on the Kuril chain north of Japan.
It added that earthquakes of this strength in the past have caused tsunamis far from the epicentre, and the US National Tsunami Warning Centre was analysing the event to determine the level of danger.
Despite the earthquake, meteorological officials in Japan issued no alerts following the quake, although they said there might be slight tidal changes.
The earthquake, 218 km (135 miles) south-southeast of the town of Severo, struck at a depth of 56.7 km (35 miles), the U.S. Geological Survey  said.
There have been no immediate reports of damage or casualties.
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