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Why Kirinyaga County Rejected Hand Sanitizers

Clinton KE

March. 25, 2020

The County Government of Kirinyaga has spoken about rejecting three consignments of hand sanitizers delivered to combat the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic in the county.
A statement signed by Carilus Otieno, the head of procurement in Kirinyaga County indicated that the rejection was based on the fact that the sanitizers delivered were of low quality.
"Two suppliers were issued with local purchase orders to supply alcohol-based sanitizers in 500ml bottles and 100ml bottles among other medical items.
"The first delivery was supplied on Wednesday (March 18) which was rejected and the supplier advised to collect them from the stores. Another consignment was again rejected on Friday (March 20 ) and the final one rejected on Saturday evening (March 21)," the statement reads in part.
Otieno indicated that upon testing, the sanitizers also failed to meet the minimum 70% alcohol content.
In the statement seen by a local website, he detailed a process through which goods being delivered to the county were received and evaluated before they were either accepted and rejected.
"The Ad hoc Inspection and Acceptance Committee ascertains conformity in quantity and quality of goods and if they meet requirements, then they are accepted.
"If they do not conform, they are rejected, and the supplier advised through a rejection note to collect them for replacement or issuance of a credit note if not able to replace the same within a period of 14 days," the statement further elaborated.
Otieno explained that the laid-down procedures for handling such goods were followed to the letter before calling the supplier to collect the goods.
He stated that the county government was on high alert, following the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak and would not let anything risk the lives of the citizens in the region.
"The County Government of Kirinyaga is committed to guarding all residents against anything that will compromise their lives especially during this time of the Coronavirus outbreak.
"We cannot, therefore, afford to put into danger the lives of Kirinyaga people by providing low standard sanitizers," the statement concluded.
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