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UPDATE: Disciplined S*XY Russian Nurse Now Offered Model Role To Flaunt Her Curve In Underwear [PHOTOS]


May. 26, 2020

More details have emerged showing the nurse disciplined for wearing only underwear beneath her see-through PPE at a Russian hospital. 
Nurse Nadia, 23, has won a wave of support, with demands for her hospital bosses to rescind disciplinary action against her.
Doctors and other medics claimed there were shortages of safe undergarments for use under protective gowns in coronavirus wards at Tula Regional Clinical Hospital. 
However, head of Miss X lingerie brand Anastasia Yakusheva said: 'We want the Tula nurse to become a model of our underwear brand.
'We are ready to deliver several sets of exclusive new products for fitting, and in the future we plan to conclude an annual agreement with her.'  
A campaign was also launched against patients taking pictures of hospital staff in wards.
Two images showing the nurse wearing only lingerie under the see-through gown went viral, who was later reprimanded for 'non-compliance with the requirements for medical clothing'.
She has so far not commented on the furore.
Earlier it was reported that she told hospital bosses she was 'too hot' wearing her protective gown, and did not realise how transparent it was.  See Also: TOO HOT? S*XY Russian Nurse Who Only Wore Bra & Pants Under Transparent PPE Gown Disciplined !
Colleagues also said she was not provided with proper scrubs to wear underneath the thin gown, which was also too thin to offer proper protection from the virus.  
Male patients on the ward said they had 'no complaints' about the uniform, but admitted there was 'some embarrassment'.  
'Now she is under big stress,' a colleague told Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper.
'She is in a state of shock and afraid of losing her job altogether.'
Head of the Doctors' Alliance, Dr Anastasia Vasilyeva, who has been critical of the Russian response to coronavirus, offered to back the nurse in appealing against her punishment.
'If she turns to us, we will protect her,' she said.
'The fact that the costumes are of such a quality that do not meet the standards is a problem for management, not the nurse.
'The picture shows that she was wearing some kind of plastic suit.
'We need to pay attention not to her lingerie, but that the gown does not meet the necessary standards.
One nurse who works with the punished woman said her colleagues 'do not want to say more as they are afraid to harm her.
'It is all very simple in Tula. Bullying will start against her.'
The incident happened because there was a shortage of medical clothing to wear under the protective gown, she said.
'In general we are supplied with PPE, but from time to time we run out of something.'
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