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I Dare You Remove Mr From My Seat Alice Wahome Dares Jubilee

Ann KE

Jun. 24, 2020

Kandara MP Alice Wahome has said she is ready to be removed from office in the ongoing unforgiving Jubilee purge. Wahome said choices had consequences and as such, she was ready for what may come including losing her office.Speaking during the commissioning of the construction of Kandara Police Station, the Kandara lawmaker said it was unfortunate that divergent views were no longer welcomed in this nation. "The unity of this country cannot happen without allowing diverse thoughts and ideas," she said. "People must be allowed to make their own decisions. Some of us are even ready for consequences like removal from office," the MP added. The William Ruto vocal ally said Parliament had been undermined and made a rubber stamp for Executive decisions. Also read Mwangi Kiunjuri Makes A Come Back With A The Service Party
The MP further said all the Jubilee Parliamentary Group meetings that had been convened, there was no opportunity to express one's idea or raise a question. On matters Jubilee Asili, she said it was yet to be a political party since Tanga Tanga was still a member of Jubilee. She also castigated the ruling party's move to get into a post-coalition agreement with Kenya Africa National Union (KANU). "KANU has an awful history. It is a party that was sent home packing by multiparty democracy proponents," Wahome said. This came days after the lawmaker was removed from the Justice and Legal Affairs Committee. 
Wahome was removed from the committee alongside other Tanga Tanga legislators such as Moses Kuria was removed from National Assembly Committee on Roads.William Cheptumo, who was the chairperson of Wahome's committee and an ardent supporter of DP was also shown the door. Another DP ally, Eldai MP Cornell Serem, who was a member of the departmental committee on Trade, Industry and Cooperatives was removed over his association with the second in command. 
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