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Kenya Needs Vigilant People Like Kiunjuri Says Miguna Coining His New Party As Tuko Sote Pamoja

Ann KE

Jun. 25, 2020

Exiled lawyer Miguna Miguna has congratulated former Agriculture Cabinet Secretary Mwangi Kiunjuri for launching a new political outfit, The Service Party (TSP), in Kenya. The combative advocate who is also an author hilariously coined a new name for the politician's party referring it to as "Tuko Sote Pamoja", a new slogan that had been adopted by Deputy President William Ruto and allies. Taking to his Twitter page a few hours after Kiunjuri unveiled TSP, Miguna said it was time Kenya had more vibrant parties. "Congratulations Mwangi Kiunjuri for birthing a new political party, The Service Party (TSP). We need more vibrant political parties; not less. I've noticed the clever use of "TSP" - Tuko Sote Pamoja!. Uhuru Kenyatta doesn't own Kenya!," Miguna tweeted. Also read Government Should Produce List Of SGR Beneficiaries Khalwale Echoes Muthama,s Words
Kiunjuri launched TSP on Wednesday, June 25, about half an year since he was unceremoniously fired from the Cabinet by President Uhuru Kenyatta in January. "I’ would like to introduce the entry of The Service Party of Kenya (TSP) into Kenya’s politics… We have made the commitment to bring forth a platform that will be unequivocal about service delivery to our people as our name suggests. I promised in January that I’d be back.I thank God for enabling me to keep this promise. As The Service Party we come full of hope in the believe that service to our people will redefine Kenya’s politics.
We believe impactful politics is not a reserve of the big parties ," said Kiunjuri. Here were some reactions to Miguna's tweet: "That's a clever observation, general,"lawyer Steve Ogolla wrote. "Miguna I am disappointed, what makes you happy and this man was implicated in many scandals, you are now becoming a despot also you should not support such things,"Nyatika Nyaosi noted. "That yellow colour and initials matches TSP "Tuko sote pamoja","Lizzet Lizito added. 
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