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Kenyans react to Susan Kihika’s Bill advocating for Abortion


Jun. 25, 2020

Kenyans on Wednesday expressed their concerns over Susan Kihika’s Abortion Bill, with some supporting the legalization of abortion while others were against it. The legislator has also dismissed reports doing rounds on social media that she has withdrawn the motion. Here are some of the reactions from Kenyans:
Majority of tweeps on #StopKihikasAbortionBill are men. Petitions forwarded by men. Church leaders opposed are men. Leaders that will debate this, are men. Personal views on abortion aside, why should men be the ones who tell women what they can or cannot do with their bodies? 🤔 — Ciku Muiruri (@MissCiku) June 25, 2020
The Bill, labelled Reproductive Healthcare Bill 2019 advocates for a safe and legal abortion. The bill will make Comprehensive Sexuality Education legal through its article 27. It will also make available abortion services that cater for adolescents.
It's so disgraceful to see a woman, who is a leader, wife, and mother advocating for the abortion bill. Even women in the streets have given birth and brought up kids with talents and sharp minds. kids don't need a perfect life but a chance to live. #StopKihikasAbortionBill — Janet Nyabate (@JanetNyabate) June 25, 2020
On Abortion In Germany, abortion is illegal BUT the law allows abortion if there are reasons: 1. medical reasons (complications) 2. criminal reasons (rape) 3. wish of the woman¹² ¹She must go through counselling ²Abortion only during first 3 months #StopKihikasAbortionBill — Dr. Njenga Karugia J. PhD (@johnnjenga) June 25, 2020
If this bill is passed, any woman who walks into a clinic and gives consent for abortion will be allowed to procure it.
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