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Deadbeat Dad! Chief Justice Maraga Accused Of Being Irresponsible (Screenshot)

YvonneNgugi KE

Jun. 30, 2020

Mary Kwamboka Onyancha claimed she met Chief Justice David Maraga in 2013 during a church function and they started a relationship. Onyancha alleged the relationship led to a pregnancy and she gave birth in April 2014 to a girl who is now six years old. 
According to the woman, the CJ has been unsupportive and this prompted her to seek legal redress. The woman demanded that Maraga is giving her KSh 160,000 monthly which includes KSh 20,000 for food, KSh 5,000 for clothing, and KSh 10,000 for a nanny.
A woman has caused a stir at Milimani law Courts in Nairobi after she went into wild wailing claiming she has a child with Chief Justice David Maraga but the CJ has abandoned her. The lady identified as Mary Kwamboka Onyancha claimed that after Maraga sired a child with her, he took off and left her with the parenting burden.
Onyancha alleged she met the CJ in 2013 during a church function where they started a romantic relationship. The affair, according to the woman, brought forth a child whom the CJ has refused to help in parenting, and her attempts to seek legal actions against the top judge have failed.  
"I met Maraga in 2013 when we became friends and had an affair. Now, I have a six-year-old daughter. I have been filing cases every now and then. He was even summoned by the children's department and he refused to honor. I just want him to come and take responsibility for the child. I am tired," she said.
Speaking outside the courts, Onyancha said during the early stages of the relationship, she could spend time with the jurist in lavish places. She purported Maraga told her he was a lonely man since his wife was not always available for him. According to a birth certificate she carried along, the child was born on April 21, 2014, at Pumwani Maternity Hospital.
In her demands, contained in the unstamped court documents, she wants the judge to be providing KSh 160,000 monthly for the child's upkeep. 
The money includes KSh 41,000 for school fees per term, KSh 45, 000 for rent, KSh 20,000 for medical cover, KSh 20,000 for food, KSh 5,000 for clothing, and KSh 10,000 for a nanny. Another document claimed that the CJ had been summoned to the Makadara District Children's office on Monday, March 23, to talk about the dispute.
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