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She Demands S3x During Her Period – What Should I Do

Phil Opt

July. 07, 2020

It is very interesting how sometimes partners do not understand each other. Johnson has a girlfriend who always feels horny during her period and he doesn’t like it. he narrates;
I simply don’t want to see her blood and neither do I like to see her menstrual blood because it makes me uncomfortable.
We have been dating for some time now and actually, s3x isn’t a big deal for us though we are not married. She freely gives herself to me and I respond too, but there is one behaviour that I hate.
She demands plenty of s3x during her period, however, that’s when I want her to be by herself. I’m a Christian and I hold the view that as a lady, you’re supposed to be left alone to rest during such periods.
But for my girlfriend, that is exactly when she wants more s3x. I only did that one and afterwards promised that I would never do it again.
It wasn’t really fun for me, just so messy with blood all around and the blood stinks too for me, I don’t know if that is how it is supposed to be.
It is true that ladies actually feel for s3x a week or few days to their period, but mine experiences hers during her period. I feel we should see a doctor because it is actually not fun.
She enjoys it but I don’t, I would gladly do anything for her, but not s3x during her period. We have spoken about this for so many times but it always ends in an argument.
None of my friends does this and they have advised me not to so there is no reason why I should. Moreover, we are not married to me to do such a thing.
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