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Fuse ODG Adds To List Of Entertainers In Ghana To Openly Denounce Jesus Christ and Christianity


July. 27, 2020

Ghanaian UK based Afrobeats Singer, Fuse ODG has surprised many especially the Christian faith fraternity which is current singular act as he has is spotted in a video, burning the photos of Jesus Christ.
The ANTENNA hitmaker has outraged Christians across the globe as they consider his actions as being blasphemous and unfortunate. The image of Jesus Christ is revered by all Christians and considered sacred. Jesus Christ is considered as the Messiah and the only one who can save the world according to Christians. Thus, his name and images are held in high esteem across churches in the world. For these reasons, no one is allowed or expected to say or do anything that may directly or indirectly bring his name into disrepute.
In a video circulating on social media video, he said
"For the oppressed, as Africans, we can hope that the oppressors can do the right thing but we cannot depend on it. We need to take our faith into our own hands. We have the responsibility to deal with our own truth and it starts with this (pointing to Jesus’ painting),” he stated.
He continued “This is a seed. This is the seed that gave birth to Hitler and his doctrine. This is the seed that gave birth to the KKK, the apartheid in South Africa, the Rwandan genocide, a people of colour bleaching across the globe till date as we speak, and the list goes on.”
But in sharp contrast, FUSE ODG has a different view. He believes that it is wrong for Christians, especially Africans, to hang the images of Christ on their walls in churches and in their homes.
In his view, the image represents nothing but oppression and deception. In fact, he doesn't believe Africans should have anything to do with this Jesus Christ.Fuse ODG believes Jesus Christ can be placed in the same category as infamous world leaders like Adolf Hitler.
He is of the view that it's wrong to pay homage to the image of another as stated in the Bible.
“This is not even biblical. If you read the Bible, it specifically tells us not to create any images in the form of a man or a woman or any creature on earth. This is idology and again if you read the Bible there’s nothing that got hate than idol worship. We need to take down these images and worship God in spirit and in truth.”
He concluded by saying, “this needs to be taken down from every single church in Africa”, before setting the painting of Jesus of fire"
It could be recalled that Ghanaian musician Mzbel, sated categorically recently," I don't believe in Jesus Christ and Christianity... I don’t believe all those stories about Jesus Christ but I believe in God.” she said. 
The likes of Wanluv Kubolor, Black Rasta Big Akwes have all made such declarations in the past.
Could these celebrities be seeing something we are unaware of? Or we are just approaching the end time with mysterious happiness unfolding.
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