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IPOA Launch Investigations Into City Hall Chaotic Scenes

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July. 28, 2020

The Independent Policing Oversight Authority (IPOA) has launched investigations into the chaotic scenes witnessed at City Hall on Tuesday.
In a statement, IPOA revealed how their mandate is to ensure that police are held accountable for their actions.
It is due to the above that they reveal to have contacted some of those present during the chaos that erupted at City Hall.
“In discharge of its mandate, the Authority has contacted some of the people who were present during chaos that unfolded at the County Assembly of Nairobi today.”
IPOA will seek to establish the role of the police deployed at the scene during the chaos that saw one Member of the County Assembly sustain injuries.
“The preliminary enquiry seeks to establish the role played by the police officers who were deployed at the premise during the fracas in which at least one case of injury to a Member of the County Assembly was reported.”
Police have once again been reminded to ensure that when applying force they should make sure it is accordance to the law.
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