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Edgar Obare The Teamaster Arrest Spins Netizens Into Mixed Reactions

Oduor KE

July. 30, 2020

Blogger Edgar Obare with socialite Natalie Tewa.
Popular blogger and owner of juicy stories Edgar Obare known by his fans as the tea master has indeed been arrested on July 30, 2020 setting the social media into a spin with netizens sharing mixed reactions.
The blogger managed to share a text with his fans informing them of the arrest that is linked to his recent scandalous exposés of the purported relationship between flamboyant Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho and the beautiful socialite Natalie Tewa.
Scooper News managed to sample some of the reactions from Kenyans online.
Lord Dave: King of gossip Edgar Obare has been arrested. Police should be cautious on what they tell him that guy might tell it all. Anyways he should call Jalang'o  he might help him.
BlackLivesMatter: Kenyan police have done that Edgar Obare dude a huge favour. He'll be trending everywhere. He gets back to blogging and he'll be charging y'all 10k an Insta story. Gossip minting young millionaires. More power to him.
Hannah: Edgar Obare arrested wowz. Hizo mandevu zake huezi fikiria ako na udaku na umama let his sip his own concoction.
Clarita: Katerina wachana na Edgar Obare ,we need today's tea served.
Amollo: Mgalla muue na haki umpe.Edgar Obare has curved a brilliant cash cow for himself.I may not like him but I respect his business sense. Many people are out here spreading the same type of trash he does for nothing. If you're going to be a guttersnipe,at least make a buck out of it.
Lord Abraham Mutai: The arrest of Edgar Obare is procedural. If a complaint is lodged against you at the @DCI_Kenya no matter how small it is, DCI has Obligation under the law to summon you and if you don't obey the summons, you will be arrested to come and write a statement. It's the norm!
Martoh Muriithi: Edgar Obare poked the wrong one... Naskia pale Kisumu ame inuliwa proper... he is now being moved to Nairobi... Anyway, let him face the music for far too long he has been disturbing us. Those who follow him can bail him out... #JikeNdume.
The teamaster.
Ken mukhebi: This boy Edgar Obare thought to infringe in the personal privacy of other people is his fundamental human right, now that his subjects have started infringing on his freedom, he's morphed into a cry baby. Just swallow what you chose to bite in silence dude.
Jacinta Wanjiru: DCI_Kenya is now becoming irrelevant. Why waste resources on arresting a gossiper like "Edgar Obare?" We have real criminals that are worth such resources,.If the young man doesn't talk about people, how do you expect him to eat?
Wajir'sTweep: If what Edgar Obare said about Joho and NetalieTewa was a lie.. DCI wouldn't send close to 50 officers to arrest him. The expose was right and maybe hurt Joho's marriage. Edgar deserves some accolades and protection for calling out cheating married men in the society.
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