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WHO Issues Warning Letter To Health CS Mutahi Kagwe

Sofia KE

July. 30, 2020

World Health Organization has issued a warning letter to Mutahi Kagwe, Health CS, on a worrying trends that could derail Kenya’s war against the virus. Dr. Rudi Eggers, WHO Country Representative, 12 key areas in the letter that could result in a health crisis. They key areas include wearing of masks, public gatherings, public spaces, healthcare workers, public transport, testing and funding in counties, community engagement, contact tracing, isolation, reporting and surveillance.
“WHO would like to see the Government of Kenya, have all leaders at all levels of government and society and all politicians lead by example by assuring that they visibly demonstrate their personal compliance to the government directives,” part of the letter reads.
WHO also recommended on strict limitations in public transport as it could pose the biggest risk of infections. The CS was asked to ensure matatus operators adhered to the outlined guidelines including the regular sanitizing of vehicle interiors and provision of hand sanitizers to passengers entering the PSVs.
The CS was also urged to ensure that all health works are properly equipped with the required protective gears as they are the most important weapons in fighting the pandemic.
The organization also pointed out that noncompliance with the Covid-19 health measures is Kenya’s weakest point. Public gatherings being a major restrictions people don’t follow example being the leaders who openly ignore the rule. Citizens have been voicing their concerns about the double standards in the implementation of the regulations. Politicians seem to get away with no consequences while ordinary citizens assaulted by law enforcers.
Nairobi Senator, Johnston Sakaja was recently arrested by police officers for breaking the 9 pm to 4 am mandatory curfew rule. President Uhuru instructed the Inspector General of Police Hilary Mutyambai, not to spare any one breaking the law, including state officials.
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