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Cop, Three Others Killed As Hunters And Police Battled For Supremacy Over Armed Robbery Suspect


July. 31, 2020

It all started when armed robbers attacked a branch of First Bank in their town, and killed a Policeman on duty. Luck later ran out on them as hunters in the area blocked the road which hindered them from escaping. Four of the robbers were not lucky to escape as they met their untimely death in the hands of the hunters and were burnt by the angry residents.
The hunters were said to have pursued the remaining two rubbers, and later caught one alive and the corpse of the injured rubber recovered from the bush.
While hunters were planning to burn the remaining armed rubber, a team of Policemen arrived at the scene and struggle to take him away. In the course of the struggle, a resident of the area was accidentally shot dead by the police.
This infuriated hunters; they fired back and killed one Policeman. The Police retaliated by opening fire on them and killed two more persons.
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