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IPOA To Investigate Alleged Sexual Harassment Of Female Cops

Denville KE

July. 31, 2020

Independent Police Oversight Authority (IPOA) said it will investigate complaints by some female police officers that they are sexually harassed and even molested by their seniors.
The officers, who sent confidential details of their alleged ordeals, claimed some of their bosses demand sexual favours. They said if they refuse, they face intimidation and threats of disciplinary action, transfer to remote areas, demotion and even sacking.
The women sent their claims to activist Boniface Mwangi who publicised the complaints on social media without naming the officers.
“We as police ladies are have been undergoing tough times in the force. Sexual harassment, threats and intimidation and many things…police ladies have been sexually molested by their seniors at their places of work," a complaint statement reads.
IPOA announced it would investigate, get to the bottom of the complaints and seek justice if they are true.
“Thank you for highlighting this matter. We would like to take it up," IPOA spokesman Denis Oketch said, calling on Mwangi to forward specific complaints.
One officer alleges a former Kasarani superior “has been molesting police ladies and reportees in all stations he has worked".
"...he has molested others to the extent of forcing them to have anal s#x with him,” they claimed.
20 survivors have recorded statements, the officers said they have lodged their complaints and the evidence of their ordeals with the National Police Service’s Internal Affairs Unit.
Some officers asked Police IG Hillary Mutyambai during a live Citizen TV  interview last week to address their frustrations in the service. In messages read by the presenter, the unnamed officers complained of harassment by superiors and being bypassed for promotion, even after returning from studies and acquiring higher qualifications. 
The IG denied the claims. 
Previous media reports have indicated some senior police officers tend to punish their juniors who do not cooperate with their informal 'orders' by transferring them to remote areas away from their families
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