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Lady lectures ‘Nunupreneurs’ like NATALIE TEWA and tells them to have brains – Gives them tips on how to milk sponsors proper


Aug. 06, 2020

Thursday, 06 August 2020 – A  lady has lectured Nunupreneurs like Natalie Tewa and urged them to have brains while spreading their legs to well loaded sponsors.
Apparently, she is fed up seeing ladies bedding wealthy men who have investments worth millions of shillings and still living low quality lives.
She compared Kenyan ‘Nunupreneurs’ with Nigerian girls and said that Kenyan women have a long way to go.
Referring to Betty Kyallo’s saga with Governor Joho, where she was embarrassed after the Governor repossed the car he had given her in the middle of the road,  the lady noted that most Kenyan sidechicks and ‘Nunupreneurs’ are lured with simple things and forget to use the chance to transform their lives.
She noted that a man who has the ability  to book a sidechick a business class seat in a flight can also buy her an apartment worth Ksh 10 million but most Kenyan ‘Nunupreneurs’ are just dumb and don’t utilize the chance.
Read the lady’s post addressing ‘Nunupreneurs’.
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