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Shocking Right! Delta Flight Landed In Atlanta After Passengers Refuse To Wear Masks


Aug. 06, 2020

Details are emerging over why a Delta Air Lines flight to Atlanta was turned around and returned to Detroit on Thursday, and once again face masks was the issue.
According to reports, two passengers refused to wear face masks during the flight – a mandate for virtually every airline – and the plane returned to Detroit Metro Airport in suburban Romulus.
A Delta spokesperson told the MLive.com media outlet that the flight was delayed because the passengers “were non-compliant with crew instructions.” The flight did take off again and land in Atlanta after being delayed by the return to Detroit.
It is just the latest in a series of issues involving refusal to wear face masks during flight.
It happened to American Airlines earlier this week when a woman has booted off a plane, and it happened on Spirit Airlines earlier this month.
Delta in particular has strongly enforced its policy.
This week, the airline announced it
will now require a virtual medical evaluation from passengers if they have a health condition that prevents them from wearing a face mask.
And if it isn’t possible, the carrier is asking passengers to reconsider traveling at all.
"We encourage customers who are prevented from wearing a mask due to a health condition to reconsider travel," Delta said in a statement. "If they decide to travel, they will be welcome to fly upon completing a virtual consultation prior to departure at the airport to ensure everyone's safety, because nothing is more important."
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