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Lorry Crashes Over Multiple Cars After Loosing Control Due To Overspeeding


Aug. 15, 2020

A speeding lorry was caught on the camera and unfortunately crashed into multiple vehicles along Magadi Road .The video has gone viral in mosr of the social media platforms and has brought many reactions. Many accidents occuring has been caused majorly by ignorance of many drivers who value themselves more or in hurry to reach somewhere forgetting that life is also important than anything and cannot be recovered when lost.
Drivers ought to have this in their hearts to ensure their own safety and that of passengers they are carrying. The crash occured when another lorry sought to reverse on the road and pedestrians had to slow down and go around the lorry which was conduction the potentially dangerous act .
A private car on his lane noticing the situation at the road had to slow down and allow the heavy vehicle to exit before embarking on his journey . Without any alarm a lorry speeding down the road and due to its great speed could not stop in time as the driver struggle to halt it . It was too late and unfortunate as he swerved away from the road and later veered to other lane hitting the private car that had stopped to allow the lorry to reverse.
It is such a pity that drivers go aganist the traffic rules ,according to the guidelines given by National Transport Safety Authority one should give notice to the other drivers if you are disrupting the traffic flow including putting signs with considerable distances for the purpose of keeping the road users and other drivers warning.
Drivers should also ensure that they use recommended speed limits and not beyond in highways to make sure they are able to explain any factor that may affect their speed in case of any obstruction . World Health Organization has reported that road transport is one which though most people prefer it the ,pedestrians cyclist ,motorcyclist are very vulnerable to accidents.

The occupants of the vehicle were seen steping out of the vehicle shocked and those that were on the lorry were seen running for their lives . Those who were around came to rescue those who were injured after the air was clear so that they could get medical attention.
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