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President Uhuru evades Moses Kuria, Kimani Ichungwa’s trap in Githurai


Aug. 15, 2020

On Thursday, President Uhuru Kenyatta hurriedly changed routes on his way back to the city, from Ruiru where he had gone to witness the 44th Prison Wardens passing-out-parade. The Head of State opted to use the O.J – Marurui – Ruaka Bypass instead of passing through Githurai, along Thika Road.
”He was briefed there were pockets of youth who had been mobilized in Githurai that evening by Moses Kuria and Kimani Ichungwa. Instructions were to boo the president as he was likely to make a stopover,” a source confided to this writer.
President Uhuru, it is believed wanted to avoid a confrontation between the police and the hecklers. This would not only paint him as losing grounds in his own backyard but also raise country’s political temperatures, if not embolden Tanga Tanga. The president was so furious that the two MPs are currently under his close radar.
Meanwhile, speaking during the pass out ceremony, Uhuru instructed the new recruits into the Kenya Prison Service to offer services that will help reform the offenders without stigmatization and undue pain.
”It is not about punishing the prisoner, condemning and stigmatizing him with painful methods. It is about repairing his humanity and restoring his God given goodness.
“And as we commission you as new recruits into the National Prisons Service, I want you to embrace this emerging order of restoration as opposed to the colonial relic of stigmatization of wrong doers,” the President told the 3000 officers
The President said as young people, the new officers will succeed and become great in their chosen career if they define their purpose early and serve in a just and fair manner.
“And as we graduate this cohort of 3,000 young men and women, and admit them to be custodians of our incarcerated, I want to instruct them on Purpose, Justice and Fairness. These are the three ingredients that make a Great Nation,” he added.
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